IGU Commission on Hazard and Risk

Mission Statement 2016-2018

A) Develop geographical approaches to hazards through international collaborations. Hazards (especially natural hazards) are serious problems worldwide, and their characteristics need to be investigated from geographical viewpoints. Related subfields in geography are various, including those of both physical and human geography. Numerous studies have been conducted on this topic, but we need to develop relevant research further by utilizing strong international connections and functions of IGU.

B) Develop applications of digital geospatial data and GIS/RS technologies for investigations of hazards and risk. They includes recent techniques such as handy RS using drones, photogrammetry supported by artificial intelligence, and terrestrial laser scanning. We will also discuss how to utilize existing geospatial databases effectively for geographical research on hazard sand risk.

C) Encourage and support young geographers particularly undergraduate and graduate students. For example, we will discuss the possibility of providing online educational materials to learn how to use geospatial data and GIS for geographical analyses related to hazards and risk. Increasing availability of open source software and data is making such approaches realistic for students worldwide including those in developing countries.

D) Increase collaborations with other commissions of IGU and other scientific associations. For example, activities of two IGU commissions, "Land Degradation and Desertification" and "Geomorphology and Society" have common aspects to our activities. We will have frequent communications with steering committee members of such commissions, and seek for possibilities of effective collaborations. Communications will also be made with relevant societies other than IGU such as the International Associations of Geomorphologists (IAG).

E) Organize academic sessions on hazard and risk at the conferences of IGU and other associations. We plan to have such sessions at:
・ IGC, China, 2016
・ All other IGC and IGU regional meetings to be held between 2016 and 2020.
・ Meeting at JpGU (Japan Geoscience Union), Makuhari, Japan, 2017
・ ICG (International Conference on Geomorphology), Delhi, India, 2017
・ ICC (International Cartographic Conference), Tokyo, 2019