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International Geography Olympiad

It is a great privilege to host the 10th Anniversary of the International Geography Olympiad (iGeo) in Kyoto, Japan, in 2013. The iGeo is a competition that gathers the best geography high school students from the various national Geography Olympiads to compete in tests of their geographical knowledge and comprehension skills. The competition includes three parts: a written response test, a multimedia test, and a fieldwork test.

The competition will be held from July 31 to August 5, 2013. Delegates need to arrive in Japan by July 30. In the summer, the climate in Kyoto is hot and humid, so participants need to look after their own health. However, everyone will be able to enjoy Kyoto, an ancient city with beautiful nature and culture, which includes a typical basin-like climate. In addition, participants are given the opportunity to learn about and enjoy the cityscapes, landscapes, and cultures of a world famous metropolis with over 1200 years' history.

We hope many participants will join the competition from many countries. Registration will start on October 1, 2012.

 Outline of iGeo 2013 Kyoto
  Date: July 30 (Tue) – August 5 (Mon), 2013
  Program schedule (tentative):
   July 30 (Tue) Arrival
   July 31 (Wed) Opening, Written response test
   August 1 (Thu) Fieldwork test 1, Poster presentation
   August 2 (Fri) Fieldwork test 2, Multimedia test, Cultural function Ⅰ
   August 3 (Sat) Excursion in Kyoto, Cultural function Ⅱ
   August 4 (Sun) Free time、Presentation of Awards, Farewell dinner
   August 5 (Mon) Presentation of gold medalist at IGU Conference, Departure
  Registration Fee:
   50,000 Japanese Yen per person (including accommodation, food and excursion fee during the competition from July 30 to August 5)
   300,000 JPY per team with 4 students and 2 leaders

Detailed information on venue, accommodation and registration will be announced on the website (http://japan-igeo.com/) by the end of September 2012.