Announcements from Commissions and Task Force

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C12.01 Applied Geography
C12.02 Arid Lands, Humankind, and Environment
C12.03 Biogeography and Biodiversity
C12.04 Climatology
C12.05 Coastal Systems
C12.06 Cold Region Environments
C12.07 Cultural Approach in Geography
C12.08 Dynamics of Economic Spaces
C12.09 Environmental Evolution
C12.10 Gender and Geography [click here]
C12.11 Geographical Education
C12.12 Geographical Information Science
C12.13 Geography of Governance
C12.14 Geography of Global Information Society
C12.15 Geography of Tourism, Leisure, and Global Change [click here]
C12.16 Geoparks
C12.17 Global Change and Human Mobility
C12.18 Hazard and Risk
C12.19 Health and Environment
C12.20 History of Geography
C12.21 Indigenous Knowledges and Peoples’ Rights [click here]
C12.22 Islands
C12.23 Karst [click here]
C12.24 Land Degradation and Desertification
C12.25 Landscape Analysis and Landscape Planning
C12.26 Land Use and Land Cover Change
C12.27 Latin American Studies
C12.28 Local Development
C12.29 Marginalization, Globalization, and Regional and Local Responses [click here1 here2(June 30, 2013)]
C12.30 Mediterranean Basin
C12.31 Modelling Geographical Systems
C12.32 Mountain Response to Global Change
C12.33 Political Geography [click here]
C12.34 Population Geography
C12.35 Sustainability of Rural Systems
C12.36 Toponymy (jointly with International Cartographic Association) [click here]
C12.37 Transformation Processes in Megacities
C12.38 Transport and Geography [click here]
C12.39 Urban Geography: Urban Challenges in a Complex World
C12.40 Water Sustainability
T12.01 Olympiad