P-1 Traditional Wisdom
Jianxiong Ge (Fudan University, China): Traditional Wisdom in Urban Development in Ancient China
Jean-Robert Pitte (The Geographical Society, France): Clash of Civilizations is not a Fatality: Viewpoint of Geography
Minoru Senda (Nara Prefectural Library and Information Center, Japan): Were There the Japanese Language Originally Equivalents to the Words "Environment" and "Nature"?

P-2 The Environment
Kazunobu Ikeya (National Museum of Ethnology, Japan): Nature and Society in Protected Areas: Can Development, Conservation, and Local Livelihoods Co-exist?
Sarah Radcliffe (University of Cambridge, UK): Plural Knowledges and Modernity: Social Difference and Geographical Explanations
Paul Robbins (The University of Arizona, USA): No Going Back: The Political Implications of Ecological Novelty

P-3 The Great East Japan Earthquake
Kenji Satake (The University of Tokyo, Japan): The 2011 Tohoku Disaster: Unexpected Earthquake and Forgotten Tsunami
Kazuki Nakabayashi (Meiji University, Japan): National Reconstruction Ground Design as Dual Recovery Strategy of Post-Disaster and Pre-Disaster Recoveries in Japan
Mikiko Ishikawa (The University of Tokyo, Japan): The Ecological Infra-structure as a Basis of the Reconstruction Plan for the Great East Japan Earthquake



C08.01 Applied Geography
C08.02 Arid Lands, Humankind, and Environment
C08.03 Biogeography and Biodiversity
C08.04 Climatology
C08.05 Coastal Systems
C08.06 Cold Region Environments
C08.07 Cultural Approach in Geography
C08.08 Dynamics of Economic Spaces
C08.09 Environment Evolution
C08.10 Gender and Geography
C08.11 Geographical Education
C08.12 Geographical Information Science
C08.13 Geography of Governance
C08.14 Geography of the Global Information Society
C08.15 Geography of Tourism, Leisure, and Global Change
C08.16 Geomorphic Challenges for the 21st Century
C08.17 Global Change and Human Mobility
C08.18 Hazard and Risk
C08.19 Health and Environment
C08.20 History of Geography
C08.21 Indigenous Knowledges and Peoples' Rights
C08.22 Islands
C08.23 Karst
C08.24 Land Degradation and Desertification
C08.25 Land Use and Land Cover Change
C08.26 Local Development
C08.27 Marginalization, Globalization, and Regional and Local Responses
C08.28 Modeling Geographical Systems
C08.29 Mountain Response to Global Change
C08.30 Political Geography
C08.31 Population Geography
C08.32 Sustainability of Rural Systems
C08.33 Urban Geography: Emerging Urban Transformations
C08.34 Water Sustainability
C08.35 Transport and Geography
C08.36 Landscape and Landscape Analysis
C08.37 Geoparks
T08.02 Megacities
T08.03 Olympiad
Mediterranean Renaissance Program