Session Categories

The Organizing Committee of the Kyoto Regional Conference (KRC) organizes four categories of sessions: plenary sessions, Commission sessions, general sessions and joint sessions.

The plenary sessions are devoted to our conference theme, “Traditional Wisdom and Modern Knowledge for the Earth’s Future,” which will be discussed in a series of nine lectures. Commission sessions are organized by IGU Commissions or Task Forces. General sessions are organized by KRC’s Program and Publication Committee. Joint sessions are organized by Japan’s major geographical societies or research programs whose head investigators are Japanese geographers.

Abstracts can be submitted to Commission sessions, general sessions and joint sessions. Since the speakers of the plenary sessions are already set, no other submissions to this category can be accepted. For more detailed information on this session, please take a look at the “Conference Theme” page of this website.

Both oral and poster presentations will be given at the KRC. While oral presentations will be accepted in all three non-plenary sessions, poster presentations are restricted to the general sessions. Generally, one session is 90 minutes and consists of four oral presentations, where each presentation is twenty minutes long including five minutes for discussion. Poster presenters may choose what they deem fit for the size of their poster, but it should not exceed 1.5 m high and 0.9 m wide.

Abstracts submitted to the Commission sessions are reviewed by the relevant Commission or Task Force. Abstracts submitted to the general sessions are reviewed by the Program and Publication Committee of the KRC. Abstracts submitted to the joint sessions are reviewed by editorial members designated by the geographical societies or research programs. The results of abstract reviews will be announced to authors by March 31, 2013.